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VSI's Ford Fusion with AVL Technology

VSI Labs and AVL

VSI has another Ford Fusion outfitted with AVL’s DGT. These videos are short samples of data collected in the US from the front and back camera and the front lidar from the AVL solution.

March 2021 - This sample was collected in Michigan

Day 1 Drive South - 04/26/2021 - This sample was collected in Des Moines, Iowa

Day 2 Drive South - 04/27/2021 - This sample was collected in El Dorado, Kansas

Day 3 Drive South - 04/28/2021 - This sample was collected in College Station, Texas

Resolution is downsampled from original source in order to transmit in real time.

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What is the Automated Drive Series?

The Automated Drive Series is a quarterly, coast-to-coast and border-to-border mission to examine the functionality of ADAS and AV technology. The Automated Drive Series is designed to expose AV & ADAS solutions to a diverse set of conditions and driving environments. Each drive includes shadow mode operation whereby all the results are recorded for post event analysis. The series is also a way to promote your technologies in a novel and practical way in an era where traditional conferences and expositions will be limited.

What type of vehicle is VSI driving?

VSI's research vehicle is a 2018 Ford Fusion equipped with a by-wire control system, along with many other AV/ADAS technologies. A Linux-based computer inside the vehicle acts as a domain controller for AV functions.

Where can I learn more about integrating my technology into VSI's research vehicle?

Reach out to info@vsi-labs.com to learn more, or visit our website.

Who can I contact for press inquiries?

Email katelyn@vsi-labs.com for press inquiries.

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